Standing ovation for Super Dan
“I have only 3 wishes for my career as a manager. To train Steaua, the Romanian national team and Chelsea”
. Of course, it’s Super Dan Petrescu, the man who loves Chelsea so much he even called one of his daughters this way.He didn’t reach  any of his goals so far. Even though his CV earned him a ‘living god’ status in Romania, neither Steaua nor Romania were able to get him. Continue Reading »


Volga's Pleșan
Mihăiță Pleșan. Does this name tell you anything? Hmmm, surely not. Let me help. He plays for famous world wide known Russian side Volga Nizhny Novgorod. Still blank, huh? Now allow me… Continue Reading »

Natural born killerAdrian Mutu didn’t enjoy the best of seasons at Cesena and is ready to move out from the relegation battled side in the next transfer window.
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Gigi Becali

What do you know about Romania? Hagi? Maybe Super Dan Petrescu or Gică Popescu? Hm, of course. How could I forget Mutu?

Oh, and there’s that team that’s always looked at as an ‘Eastern European giant’. Yes, it’s Steaua, the easy to kick out Romanian team you’re happy to play against. Well, at least if you’re not Liverpool.

Add Dinamo. Not Moscow, nor Zagreb or Tibilisi. Yes, there is a Dinamo version in Bucharest too, you know? No drama if you never heard about it, they barely have fans to get a pub full now and again.  Continue Reading »