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Pamfile / Crudu

This is the article that will revolutionize the player – club owner relationship. Irreversibly. As you’ve already imagined, considering this is a blog about Romanian football, Gigi Becali is playing the owner’s role. As for the player…’he’s a loser!’ (more…)

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Just how mad can you be with yourself? I guess this could be the last step before you commit suicide. Literally.

Of course, you need more sane than him to take those steps cleanly. Steaua’s owner Gigi Becali is never going to commit suicide, so this is probably how far he’ll ever go.  (more…)

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Marius CiobanuSteaua lost vs Vaslui at home, 0-1, even though a packed stadium made Becali’s team look unbeatable. The superb fans were the only good thing at Ghencea. The stadium witnessed a bad performance from both teams and the result made home manager Stoichiță feel unsafe. Of course, after just a month in charge.

Details. The game story is not even a bit interesting compared to this.  Steaua – Vaslui was all about this episode. (more…)

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Gigi Becali

What do you know about Romania? Hagi? Maybe Super Dan Petrescu or Gică Popescu? Hm, of course. How could I forget Mutu?

Oh, and there’s that team that’s always looked at as an ‘Eastern European giant’. Yes, it’s Steaua, the easy to kick out Romanian team you’re happy to play against. Well, at least if you’re not Liverpool.

Add Dinamo. Not Moscow, nor Zagreb or Tibilisi. Yes, there is a Dinamo version in Bucharest too, you know? No drama if you never heard about it, they barely have fans to get a pub full now and again.  (more…)

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