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This is the article that will revolutionize the player – club owner relationship. Irreversibly. As you’ve already imagined, considering this is a blog about Romanian football, Gigi Becali is playing the owner’s role. As for the player…’he’s a loser!’ Continue Reading »

Just how mad can you be with yourself? I guess this could be the last step before you commit suicide. Literally.

Of course, you need more sane than him to take those steps cleanly. Steaua’s owner Gigi Becali is never going to commit suicide, so this is probably how far he’ll ever go.  Continue Reading »

Just how low can a former top football manager get? If you are just old fashioned and your style doesn’t suit modern football, it’s OK to try and pass your advanced knowledge to those who still need it. Berti Vogts, Javier Clemente or Hector Cuper sure know what I’m talking about.  Continue Reading »

John Terry
Not even stupid red cards, hidden cameras, cheating or racism scandals can make John Terry cry. Today. 14 years ago, things were rather different. Continue Reading »

Marius CiobanuSteaua lost vs Vaslui at home, 0-1, even though a packed stadium made Becali’s team look unbeatable. The superb fans were the only good thing at Ghencea. The stadium witnessed a bad performance from both teams and the result made home manager Stoichiță feel unsafe. Of course, after just a month in charge.

Details. The game story is not even a bit interesting compared to this.  Steaua – Vaslui was all about this episode. Continue Reading »

Dario BonettiHow can you build an African Cup of Nations winner in just two years? Let me try to explain…

You are supposed to have some well known stars that play in Europe, a French manager and, maybe, some rich president who promises millions which you know that will never get paid. That will do for a favorite tag. If you  want a real team, you should buy some book Hassan Shehata wrote. Or hire Dario Bonetti. Continue Reading »

Walter Zenga
Walter Zenga is a man you know lots about. Of course, that’s because of Inter, Serie A, Squadra Azzurra and the ‘world class keeper’ tag he won for himself during a fantastic career.

But what do you know about Walter Zenga the manager? Here’s where RoFoot can tell you some interesting stuff you don’t know. Continue Reading »

Standing ovation for Super Dan
“I have only 3 wishes for my career as a manager. To train Steaua, the Romanian national team and Chelsea”
. Of course, it’s Super Dan Petrescu, the man who loves Chelsea so much he even called one of his daughters this way.He didn’t reach  any of his goals so far. Even though his CV earned him a ‘living god’ status in Romania, neither Steaua nor Romania were able to get him. Continue Reading »

Volga's Pleșan
Mihăiță Pleșan. Does this name tell you anything? Hmmm, surely not. Let me help. He plays for famous world wide known Russian side Volga Nizhny Novgorod. Still blank, huh? Now allow me… Continue Reading »

Natural born killerAdrian Mutu didn’t enjoy the best of seasons at Cesena and is ready to move out from the relegation battled side in the next transfer window.
Continue Reading »